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Ted and Anna Norris are Norris Arts! Ted is the Potter and I am the Painter.

We are really excited about our growing studio and gallery located in Camas Washington | 1605 NW 6th Avenue at the roundabout.

We offer pottery classes for any skill level and customized events for birthday parties, girls’ nights out, date nights and corporate team building.

Hi! I’m Ted, The Potter,

My mother instilled in me the love of pottery from the young age of 10 when we visited the pottery studios in Mashiko and Kanazawa, Japan.  I was fascinated by the master potters’ skills in turning lumps of clay into beautiful pieces of art, it was magical.

For me, it has been a journey of love and inspiration beginning in the land of Japan, crossing the ocean to the North Shore of Oahu, and leading us further across the ocean to Camas, Washington.  Here I have realized a long held dream of opening our own studio and spreading my love of pottery to others through the classes we offer and our commissioned work.

If you are at all interested in experiencing the magic of the wheel, please consider signing up for one of our classes.  We looking forward to working with you at any level you may be.

Hi, I am Anna, the Painter, 

I say I paint the moment. What shape that takes is  based on what I want to do with it and I like that power. I’m not a portrait painter, I don’t like static scenes. I like light bouncing around a moment. Texture, color, balance take second place. If I’m successful I take the viewer along with me.

I like intense colors. Layers of color in shadows, water that moves, the play of light on surfaces. I know a piece is right when I disappear into in and lose myself. I like to push myself to try new ways to show the relationship of light and dark that will make you feel something. I find that my journey is pushing me towards devolving my paintings. Breaking up the strokes. Finding the point that is enough, but not too much.

Painting is like a big wave. You can fight the wave but you’ll never make it out. You need to go with the wave, learn from it and let it release you.

What makes us different?

We really enjoy what we do and appreciate the opportunity to share our joy with others through the classes and services we offer.  Our greatest desire is to spark the flames of the creative artist in you!

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