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Commissioned Paintings


Anna Norris

Commissions are some of my favorite things. Taking peoples memories, old photos, special places and creating the perfect moment. I know I’ve achieved my goal when the viewer can disappear into the painting and feel, remember, experience that magical moment over and over.

The Commission Process

Commissioning a piece of art for the first time can be intimidating. My goal is to make it a creative and collaborative experience for you! Know that my job is to take your vision and make it a reality.  I’ve included some questions and tips to make the process a little less daunting.  Click Here To Learn More




Every Painting Has A Story

Kelly's Marina

Life’s Simple Pleasures

What is better than a boat on the water? A boat used for crabbing. My husband was more interested in the crab aspect. I was in love with the light playing over the water and boat. The deep colors captivated me. Water fascinates me.

Camas Bike

The Bike Next Door

This famous bike is known by all in our little town.  You know it’s spring in Camas when the bike comes out.  You know winter is coming when it  disappears. I call it the harbinger of spring. You may not know the name of the street it’s on but you know that bike.



Bubbles – A Moment In Time

A mother’s request to transform the joy and childlike spirit of her children into a painting. She didn’t want a portrait, she wanted a moment. I love watching kids play and the bubbles added an element of joy. They were so real in their joy of the moment.

Camas Solitude

La Camas Solitude

I think I’ve mentioned how much I love water. Commissioned to commemorate the natural beauty of Camas and its serenity I was inspired. LaCamas Lake is a beautiful spot to paint. This inlet was perfect. The water was like glass and the play of light on the slight ripples was hypnotic. Love it.

Commissioned Stoneware


Ted Norris

 I refer to my work as Functional Art, pieces that are durable and fun. Art you use, daily.

I credit my mother with my love of pottery. She appreciated the art form and instilled it in me as a young boy at the age of 10.  I want to spread the love of the craft through our pottery classes and commissioned stoneware. 

The Commission Process

I want to share my love of clay through my stoneware. My work is functional art. It is art you can use daily and I am here to make your vision come true.

I have a fairly straight forward commission process. Come in and see me or contact me and we can talk about what you want.

I can do custom colors, shapes, pieces. Whether a single piece or a set of unique pieces I welcome taking someone else’s vision and making it reality.

Functional Art Pieces

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